Sep 13, 2016

How Long Does it Take for SEO to Work

written by wlcr

SEO is a constantly evolving puzzle. A few years ago everyone came to us, a web design agency, with the goal of having viral content. As the myth of intentional viral content is dissipating, more and more people are coming with the goal of “being #1 on Google.com.”

Achieving the top position in Google Search is a complicated. It’s not something that can be promised. But there is a lot you can do to improve your search engine presence as well as your ability to connect with qualified leads.

SEO: Old vs. New

There are old methods, such as identifying keywords and meta tags, and now there is a new method: focus on full sentences that resemble actual searches. For example, we used to put together a list of keywords. And people using Google were told that the key to effective search was to include only the most essential words (i.e. “eCommerce” or “online store”).

Today more and more people are searching with speaking tools (think Siri). As a result more people are searching entire sentences. For example: “Who is the top Web Design Firm in Portland, Oregon?” { ahem } This is truly effecting how we approach SEO.

Adding quality and complexity to the equation is Google’s approach to displaying results. There are specialized sections for text results, images, video, map results, etc. All on the first page of Google! Now, beyond just getting a good ranking, you can also work towards the best overall presence. You achieve this by including quality images, copy, video, etc. When you search for something on Google, and you see relevant results in all of those areas, you’re in the presence of greatness.

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