Caffè Umbria

Image Retouching, Video, Web Design
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The Project

Coming from Seattle, it can be a challenge to separate yourself from the pack if you’re in the coffee business. Caffè Umbria came to us looking to overhaul their online presence by freshening up the look of their site, as well as providing a clearer path to information and conversions with their customers. The initial goal was to re-design and consolidate their web content onto a new WordPress site that could be the gateway to their in-house developed ecommerce site, Miva. Not every project ends the way it begins, though…

The Solution

We started by organizing and transferring all of Caffè Umbria’s content onto their new WLCR designed WordPress platform. Afterwards, we identified their users so we could create clear user paths for them. Once the initial web work was completed, we dove into creating a stunning video piece that could tell the Caffè Umbria story in an engaging and compelling way. Little did we know though, there was more to come…

The Outcome

By the time we were nearing the end of our projected work, we were tasked with building the entire site through Shopify as it had been decided that Caffè Umbria’s in-house developed ecommerce site was no longer going to fit their needs. At WLCR, we love the pivot, and took to this new project ground running. We ended up completing the full Shopify site, as well as creating a two-minute video exploring the history of Italian coffee and how it’s been passed down through their generations. Caffè Umbria enjoyed this video so much they had us create new training videos for their baristas, as well. When all was said and done, online sales increased for the company, growing the brand’s presence in the online space.