Point No Point Studio

Branding, Photography, Print, Web Design
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The Project

What happens when your business starts to outgrow its initial vision? You hire WLCR to help take you to the next level, that’s what! Point No Point Studio is a jewelry design company based out of Seattle, making one-of-a-kind rings, ring sets, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Because of the nature of this custom work, Point No Point Studio needed a more streamlined way of taking customer requests and answering their questions. If these goals could be accomplished, they would maximize their time in the studio and minimize the time spent on the site and over email. On top of their web needs, they were looking for a new logo, as well as product photography.

The Solution

We started by creating a custom order form and template that utilized the brands current and future aesthetic. Aside from updating the forms, we created a stand-alone FAQ page, as well as highlighted prominent questions on each product detail page —This was something we knew would help free up time for the business. Once the digital component was in place, we designed additional marketing collateral to include social media banners, product tags, jewelry leaflets, business cards, and packaging stickers. These items, in addition to new single and group product photography shots, helped to invigorate the brand with new life.

The Outcome

Now that most of the business has been directed to Shopify with new forms and FAQ’s, consumer confidence has increased, while customer questions have declined because this information was more readily available. The new cohesive look of the website, with updated product photography and banner images, has increased brand awareness, ultimately driving sales.