Project Pabst

Web Design
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The Project

You’ve probably noticed that Pabst has been dominating the creative class beer market in trending cities for quite some time. In part because of this, they decided to take a victory / thank you lap in 2014 by throwing a massive music festival called Project Pabst in Portland. The response was so positive that in 2015 the festival grew to four other major cities. Because of this growth, the client needed a stylish, intuitive set of websites that would provide direct access to ticketing and event information for a seamless user experience over four festivals. Each festival had it’s own identity that had to be implemented into the site, with headlining acts that needed to appear at the top of the schedule, no matter the screen size.

The Solution

We started by creating a digital platform in which the art from each festival site was used to create a unique experience for concertgoers, but remained cohesive to the Project Pabst brand. Next, we made sure that there was a responsive schedule that allowed for hierarchy within all artists on all devices.

The Outcome

You can’t do better than to sell out every single ticket you print, and that’s exactly what Project Pabst did in both 2015 AND 2016. Each website was able to represent and uphold the Pabst Blue Ribbon reputation of being a fun, festival beer while simultaneously highlighting the artists playing and providing information that concertgoers would need for a great experience throughout their time at Project Pabst.