Radar Restaurant

Web Design
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The Project

I first met Lilly and Jonathan about four years ago. They had just signed papers for a new space on one of Portland’s hottest streets, Mississippi Avenue. They had named their business and were now ready to start the conversation about building their website. As soon as Lilly told me they would be called Radar, we jumped online and secured their domain name. A few days later we shared a celebratory ale in their new space while acclaimed chef Jonathan Berube set aside the jackhammer he was using to clear way for new beautification. What’s my point? That it’s never to early to get your aesthetic together. It was a clean slate. They were pre-logo, pre-website, pre-email, pre-hosting, pre-content, pre-imagery… they didn’t even have a food menu yet… in fact I think they were pre-kitchen!

The Solution

As a part of our process of discovery, the WLCR team got to know the team at Radar – beyond their website needs. We took inventory of their business needs, their desired clientele, their price points, their location, and their personal tastes. As a part of the team, with knowledge of larger business goals, WLCR was able to create a simple handsome website that served only four purposes: show the quality of the product through photos, communicate the menu online, facilitate online reservations, and provide directions to the restaurant. The aesthetic of the business was still in process, but we worked together to make predictions, style choices to make sure the menus and the website matched. We looked at every detail.

The Outcome

It might seem a little off topic for your web design team to be asking about your hometown or your favorite dive bar. It might catch you off guard that we’re easily as interested in your brick and mortar shop as we are your website. Believe me, it’s on topic. By looking at the whole picture we can serve you with laser focus. Every discussion informs our process. Every conversation helps us understand how and why you do what you do. This all adds up to efficiency in web design and web development. Why? Because if we can relate to you, we can communicate on your behalf. And if we have the ability to communicate on your behalf, then we can anticipate your wants, needs, and your aesthetic. We can design and build your website much faster and with greater efficiency. Because we know Radar and we know their services and their customers, we can help them make good decisions when it comes to their website.  And besides: We love Radar. I go there so much they named a drink after me! The “Radam.” Next time you go in you should order it.