Wild Friends Foods

Web Design
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When we met Wild Friends Foods, they were already well on their way to becoming an established brand. Not only were they in stores, but they also had a strong following on Amazon. For them, the missing piece of the puzzle was a strong ecommerce platform of their own that could answer customer questions and increase direct sales. That’s where WLCR comes into their story.

The Solution

We set out to create an elegant, intuitive Shopify site by consolidating the brands content and decreasing the amount of pages visitors have to search through to find their favorite product(s). We also added content such as FAQ’s and a nutrition page. These additions not only would help to streamline the experience of the user, but also free up valuable time for the employees of Wild Friends Foods, as they would no longer have to handle these requests one at a time.

The Final Good

Want results? How about in the first 30 minutes of having the new site up, Wild Friends Foods already had sales! How, you say? WLCR created a seamless user experience for their users instead of jumping to different URL’s in order to complete a sale. On top of this, we helped instill customer confidence by highlighting all the stores where they could find their new favorite products. All of this led to increased sales and fewer customer questions over email — a win-win for everyone involved.