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Steering Comedy Mothership's Landing

Introducing an out of this world force

Comedy Mothership, brainchild of the renowned comedian and podcast sensation Joe Rogan, needed a digital agency that could blend seamless ticketing integrations with top-notch e-commerce solutions. WLCR stepped up to the plate, taking on the challenge of showcasing events online and creating an exceptional management experience for venue staff, developers, and users alike.

A Build it While You Fly Challenge

The event venue market lacked a robust solution to effectively display events online while providing a smooth experience for all stakeholders. WLCR recognized the industry-wide problem and developed an innovative approach that not only met the current needs but also opened doors to new growth opportunities.

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Taking Control of the Ship

WLCR crafted a unique and groundbreaking solution by building a custom backend that seamlessly synchronized ShowClix event data with a bespoke content management system. Leveraging this unified data stream, we developed a lightning-fast, high-performing, and user-friendly Next.js front-end, setting the stage for a stellar web presence that could handle heavy traffic loads at launch.

A Tech Stack That Delivered

  • Next.js: Cutting-edge JavaScript framework for high-performance web development
  • Sanity: Custom content management system for seamless event data management
  • Vercel: Scalable cloud infrastructure for reliable hosting and deployment
  • ShowClix: Dynamically updating event data for real-time ticketing integrations
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Services for the Perfect Line-Up

  • High-fidelity site designs and prototyping in Figma
  • Custom JAMStack site build with ShowClix integration
  • Comprehensive QA testing to ensure a flawless user experience
  • Efficient project management to meet deadlines and exceed expectations
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Delivering a Set That Killed

Improvement in event fetching speeds.

Google Lighthouse scores for an optimized web performance.

Sold out shows.

Standing Ovation-Worthy Results

The project's conclusion put the Comedy Mothership in the spotlight as a comedy venue with unrivaled digital capabilities. With our innovative solutions, the club gained remarkable speed, efficiency, and performance, resulting in a satisfied partner who witnessed their vision become a reality. Together, we brought the new venue to the forefront of the comedy world, shifting the epicenter from Los Angeles to the comedic capital of Austin, Texas.

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