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Elevating Love & Reimagining Do Amore's Brand

To Deepen the Well of Love in the World

Do Amore. In Latin, it means “I give with love.” With each piece of jewelry they craft and sell Do Amore aids in the creation of clean water sources for communities in need. WLCR was honored to partner with the Do Amore in a journey to elevate their brand and consumer experience to ultimately build positive change. Together we’re turning diamonds into water one special moment at a time.

Unveiling a Timeless Transformation

The goals of our partnership were to communicate Do Amore's social impact and ethical sourcing practices, while elevating their brand identity and web presence to echo both their beautiful mission and beautiful, custom pieces. Together, we sought to leave a tech startup perception behind, and reinvent the brand with warmth, elegance, and thoughtfulness.

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Social Media Templates for Do Amore

Unlocking the Beauty Within

WLCR worked closely with Do Amore to rebrand and relaunch their identity, aligning it with their service-oriented goals. Together, we crafted an elegant and timeless brand identity to help foster growth while maintaining their core values. Services provided included brand strategy, logomark creation, visual identity, e-commerce site design, and establishing a captivating voice and tone.

Mobile Web Design

From Tech to Tasteful

  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • Logomark ideation and execution
  • Visual identity design
  • Art direction
  • E-commerce site design
  • Voice and tone development
  • Copywriting services
Mobile Web Design UI for Do Amore
A Dazzling Metamorphosis

Together, we were able to achieve a remarkable transformation. This reimagining of the Do Amore brand enabled us to weave their beautiful story into every touchpoint of their presence: from the custom mark featuring a water droplet, to the understated and sophisticated shopping experience, to the user journey which directly ties each order to its impact.

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