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Pleasing x WLCR: From Concept to Contender

Collaborating to create a Sensation

Pleasing, the brainchild of global pop superstar Harry Styles, sought the expertise of WLCR to navigate the challenges of international DTC sales, innovative product drops, and e-commerce best practices. WLCR's strategic MVP approach and UX/UI design magic culminated in an ADA compliant Shopify Plus platform that generated record breaking sales upon launch.

Planning for a Big Crowd

Pleasing faced the daunting task of establishing a strong digital presence while selling directly to consumers worldwide. WLCR identified the need for an effective architecture to handle the complexities of international sales, ensuring seamless user experience and scalability.

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Navigating Challenges with Style

WLCR's approach encompassed the design of an innovative MVP product, implementing currency selection functionality, planning and executing exclusive pre-orders, and deploying captivating SMS and Email Marketing campaigns to spark anticipation. The result was a cutting-edge solution that harmonized Pleasing's vision with contemporary e-commerce practices.

Tech Stack: Composing a Hit

  • Google Analytics for comprehensive insights
  • Klaviyo for targeted digital marketing
  • Custom Shopify Plus theme for e-commerce
  • Geo Targetly for location personalization
  • Vimeo for high bandwidth video hosting

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Services that Nailed It

  • E-commerce strategy consulting
  • MVP product development
  • UX/UI design and prototyping
  • SMS and email marketing campaigns
  • ADA compliance optimization
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Unveiling a Superstar

$4 Million

$4 million in sales within the first hour

Countries served during the first launch

Site visitors inspired by Pleasing's manifesto

The Show Will Go On

WLCR's collaboration with Pleasing was a resounding success. The launch of Pleasing's debut product line not only achieved astounding sales figures and global reach but also sparked a movement among consumers to join Pleasing in their commitment to "Do Better." With Pleasing's vision now brought to life, the collaboration resulted in exceptional outcomes and a highly satisfied partner.

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