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Refining Steven Smith Teamaker's Legacy

Seeking the Perfect Blend

Steven Smith Teamaker partnered with WLCR to optimize their website and enhance the user experience, while staying true to their brand values of craft, quality, and creativity.

Steeped in Challenges

Smith Teamaker sought to improve user experience, increase conversions, upgrade their e-commerce platform, and enhance site speed while remaining ADA compliant and showcasing their unique batch lookup features and ingredient sourcing practices.

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Composing a Unique Experience

WLCR embraced a phased approach, conducting a thorough audit and developing a roadmap catered to Smith's marketing initiatives. We focused on UX and UI, delivering a custom Shopify Plus theme with innovative features like subscriptions, bundling, and origin batch lookup, all while ensuring ADA compliance.

Tech stack: Just the Right Pairing

  • Custom Shopify Plus theme for e-commerce
  • React javascript framework
  • Vercel scalable cloud infrastructure for reliable hosting and deployment
  • Snowflake cloud database with custom middleware for batch lookup retrieval
  • Fishbowl for accelerated inventory management
  • Google Analytics for comprehensive insights
  • Custom Klaviyo for targeted digital marketing
  • Recharge for satisfying subscription fulfillment
  • Yotpo integration for customer reviews

Our Service Infusion

  • UX and UI design
  • Content planning
  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • QA and ADA compliance testing
  • Software Engineering and third party app integrations
  • Custom app development

Steeped in good outcomes


WCAG compliance

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The Rich Aroma of Success

Thanks to our partnership, Steven Smith Teamaker now enjoys a fully functional and high-performing DTC and Wholesale e-commerce experience. The improved user experience, impressive results, and collaborative journey have created a lasting legacy for both their customers and their partnership with WLCR.

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